Everyone wants to cut the cost of college.

Here is a checklist of what most people focus on when cutting the cost of college…

  • Choose The Right School
  • Increase Merit Scholarships from the School
  • Increase Financial Aid
  • Correctly Complete the Financial Aid Forms
  • Negotiate and Appeal Your Awards
  • Find Private Scholarships

However, even if you successfully do everything on this list, you are still going to pay way more than you probably want to pay for college.

Which means that the biggest cost of college and the biggest opportunity to reduce the cost of college is the strategy of how you pay for it. Our college funding specialist is here to help you reduce the cost of college and teach you the most efficient way to pay for it.

First, watch this webinar. Even if you have a student in high school and not enough saved for college, we can help. If you have enough saved what is the opportunity cost of using your cash for college that is earning a good rate of return? This webinar outlines the best funding strategies for families that have saved and those that haven’t started saving yet but want too.


After you’ve watched the video click the button to schedule a 45 minute consultation.


We think outside of the box, beyond the typical 529s and college savings approaches.

Our specialists help families build funding plans to maximize discounts, have a plan to pay for college and still have money left over for retirement.

Last we also want you to calculate the real cost of college before meeting with our funding specialist. Below is the link to create that report and a video to walk you through how to use it. Make sure to have that information for your funding meeting.

Create Report

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