College Planning Services

Full-Service College Planning

Crystal Clear College Planning was created to be a resource that families can utilize to make the process EASIER and MISTAKE-FREE. We realize that most families already understand that SAT’s, GPA’s, and extracurricular activities are important requirements for getting into college. Further, most people realize that income and assets are a key factor in determining who qualifies for financial aid.

So what matters most?

What we believe is important when helping families is teaching what you may never hear from a counselor or college representative. In other words, what goes on BEHIND CLOSED DOORS OF THE ADMISSIONS AND FINANCIAL AID OFFICES. How do they make their decisions on who gets accepted and what will be your total out-of-pocket cost for any college you apply to? We help you to build and implement a plan to pay for college with a mindset for financial aid.

Family Financial Positioning for College

  • EFC (Expected Family Contribution) Analysis
    We provide a complete analysis of your EFC using both the federal and institutional methodology.
  • Recommendations To Reduce Your EFC
    We show you how to take advantage of strategies that will enable you to legally reduce your EFC and maximize the amount of aid for which you are eligible.
  • Implementation of Strategies to Reduce Your EFC
    We assist in the implementation of the above strategies.
  • College Tracking List
    The College Tracking List helps you stay organized throughout the entire financial aid process, ensuring there are no surprises or missed deadlines.
  • College Statistics
    We provide you with important statistics for each college you have requested. Additional colleges may be added at any time.
  • College Payment Plan
    We put together a plan to show you the most cost-effective way to fund the out-of-pocket costs for all your children. Do not borrow any money or begin paying for college without having a plan in place!

Student Positioning for Successful College Applications

  • Assessment/Aptitude Evaluation
    Unlimited license to access the best online career/college planning tools available. This interactive, self-directed website is the most comprehensive database available for career/college planning.
  • Student Positioning Session
    We conduct a phone meeting with the student and parent(s) to review and interpret the results of the online evaluation. The ultimate goal is to find colleges that best match the student’s career interests, academic level and strengths, as well as other intangibles. Properly positioning the student’s college choices greatly enhances the chances of acceptance at the school of choice with a favorable financial aid package.

College Forms Processing and Auditing

  • Submit Your FAFSA
    The FAFSA must be completed if you want to qualify for any financial aid. Do not minimize the importance of completing this form properly.  The US Department of Education said the majority of people fill out the FAFSA form in such a way that they do not receive all the aid for which they are eligible.
  • Register for and Submit the CSS Profile
    Many private schools require the CSS profile form, which includes additional financial and personal information.
  • Complete Any Institutional Form
    Many schools have their own forms that need to be completed in addition to the ones already mentioned.
  • Confirm Accuracy of the SAR and Make Adjustments
    We will make adjustments to your FAFSA after your tax returns have been filed.
  • Analysis of Financial Aid Awards
    We analyze your financial aid awards to determine whether you have been properly awarded or if an appeal is in order.
  • Direct Appeals Process
    If needed, we will direct the appeals process on your behalf to the schools to maximize your financial aid award.
  • College Loans
    We will consult you on the best college loans available for your situation and the process for securing them. You will also have access to our own proprietary products.
  • Ongoing Communication
    You have direct access to your College Funding Adviser, Student Positioning Counselor, and Service Center Consultant throughout the entire process. We also utilize teleconferences and the Clients Only section of our website to keep you up to date.

Other College Planning Services

  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test
    This test gives you the opportunity to see where your strengths lie and which test is going to be best for you to focus on. This way you know you are maximizing your greatest potential because you choose the test that is best for you.
  • SAT/ACT Prep
    Our prep program is a great tool for students to focus on standardized test preparation by doing online, video-based courses. If your student would do better with a tutor or in a group setting, view our Resource page for some great local companies.
  • Essay Services
    The goal of the service is to have a student write a memorable essay that will compel college admissions officers to get the student on their campus. Our six-step process guides the student through topic selection as well as providing feedback on editing and improvement. The student will have one main essay and two supplements for college applications at the end of this process.

Self Serve College Planning

Decide which platform best fits your family:

  • Our full-service option (above) includes human experts guiding and supporting you throughout the college planning process.
  • Our monthly membership subscription allows you to have access to step by step information in your college planning portal as well as monthly calls with a college planning coach to answer questions you may have. Information coming soon on monthly membership.


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