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“Crystal helped me organize myself and get on top of college applications which saved me time and stress in the long run. It was something I now appreciate having been accepted into my top college!” -Benjamin Vernhes, student

Skievaski, student_Testimonial

“So much of what we have learned in five years, you covered in your webinar (my PLU senior has paid comparable costs of the UW, and my UW freshman was in that chemistry class that “weeds” kids out). There are so many parents (and students) that don’t realize there are merit scholarships, etc. out there that make private schools competitive (price wise) with public schools. I think what you are doing is fantastic! I will definitely pass your name on to others. I only wish it had been 5 years ago! You could have saved us a lot of headaches!
– L.A., Mill Creek

Schakohl, Student_Testimonial

“Crystal has helped us find the right college for our daughter through researching the best fit school academically. This in turn helped us receive additional institutional grants her college education, which will save her valuable time and money in re paying student loans. Crystal also helped us protect our inheritance investments for our daughter to use down the road. We truly appreciate all the help from Crystal during this process.” -Linda Deppa, Kirkland

Hendrickson, Student_Testimonial

“We would not have gotten through the college admissions process without Crystal. She and her team kept us on track in meeting all the deadlines, helped us schedule enrichment activities which made my daughter Aria look like a star on her apps and helped us evaluate the schools financially. I wish we had hired her when we went through this 5 years ago with our son.” -Ann Becherer, Bellevue

Stokes, Parent_Testimonial

“I love the angle you took in the presentation at the library so that kids see what they and their parents need to do as a team to get a quality education at the best value. I think it’s way too much for a student to deal with college planning on their own, and I know that first hand. High schoolers have enough on their plates balancing studying, sports, music, volunteering, and trying to maintain any kind of social life too. With regards to my sophomore son, that meeting cemented why it was so important for him to: 1) be involved in activities, 2) have good SAT/ACT scores, and 3) keep up his GPA, other than “just because”. And, while he knows his parents will be happy to help him figure out the financial portion, he is now clear that those other college planning items above are in his court.”

Cartwright, Rich_Testimonial“It doesn’t matter how much a parent encourages good habits, grades, forward-thinking, when an outsider presents these same values and ideas, kids listen. I’m so glad that we came to your meeting while he is a sophomore instead of waiting till Junior year when stressful decisions need to be made!
-S.M., Bothell

Adell, Student_Testimonial“I am really glad we met with you, it is one of the best things we could have done for our son. He is now on track and not stressed out about college. Thanks.”
-C.C, Kirkland

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